5 steps to successful affiliate marketing


Affiliate marketing is a profitable medium that allows you to scale your income together with your market knowledge. The requirements here are much higher than with any broad-scope advertising. Affiliates are paid to deliver high-value traffic, with audiences genuinely interested in whatever the product you are promoting.

Our team encourages new talents, so we want to share our ideas on how to succeed in affiliate marketing if you are at the beginning of your career.

1. Know Your Audience

Outline the profiles of your potential consumers and try to find out what will encourage them to open your link and proceed with the order.

The more information you have about the interests of your audience, the higher rates you get.

Sharing useful information about a new great product or service with an interested audience is the main key to success. Especially if your ad product is brand new for the market.

2. Choose the Right Tracker

Accurate data is essential to thriving in affiliate marketing. You have to single out the exact campaigns that are converting and leave those which show the best results. If you are not tracking your data properly you are not getting the right insights that will ultimately help you progress.

The best thing you can do is to learn about all of these trackers and choose the right one which meets your requirements. Read reviews, forums, ask for advice from experienced affiliates to find out which one is better for your particular needs.

3. Create Means to Reach Your Audience

Most affiliates promote their products through their own website. But it takes much efforts to make your website popular.

Alternatively, you can profit by buying the traffic from a high-value ad network (TrafficHunt, for example 🙂 ). However, you have to be sure that the one you are using is reliable. Otherwise, you are going to lose money.

4. Know your target audience interests

It’s highly important to follow trends to reach your audience.  Don’t neglect using Google trends to see the events happening in the world. Your ads will convert better if your and your target audience interests coincide.

For example, grab some hype on the last Game of Thrones season or forthcoming Revengers premiere.

5. Find the Network that Works for You

Every product and every affiliate program is different. If you don’t meet your goals with one partner, try others and see how it works. You will find that difference is huge in terms of workflows, available means conditions.

Within this variety, you will surely find the perfect setup and it will happen sooner than you’d think by reading this article.

Try multiple networks on a test basis. See which ones result in better conversion rates (iMonetizeIt, of course 🙂 ) and offer variety. Also, try to stay up to date on the new products and programs that can have a disruptive effect on your working models.

Here are the five top tenets of affiliate marketing that we can give to the beginners.

The general rule is that you need to learn many factors by yourself only on practice. So, embrace the mindset of always staying on the go. Keep learning new ways you can scale your business and find new opportunities.

Looking forward to seeing you at iMonetizeIt!

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  1. Razib Roy

    Please give me some below advice .
    1)From starting Can i get revenue/money from every conversions .?
    2) can i earn money from starting or need to turn VIP affiliate ? Please advice
    3) I have to generate paid Traffic. Can i start Campaign at Bing, Google or others.

    4) conversions means user click the smart link and come and sign up this with their valid name, email or mobile ect. Thats it? Please advice
    i am asking about the smart link not others. My question is that , is it SOI or DOI ?

    Thanking with best regards