Case study. Adult Dating, ROI 44%


Hey guys! Today we present to you case study which one of our publishers has shared with us. Read attentively and catch tips for your campaigns.

Period: 30.07.19 – 13.08.19 & 06.09.19 – 25.09.19
Ad Network: TrafficStars
Affiliate Network: iMonetizeIt mainly
Money Earned: $ 900
Money Spent: $ 625
Profit: $275
ROI: 44%

After some absence, I decided to go back to the dating vertical. I’ve worked in the past with LosPollos and iMonetizeIt and they were my logical choice again.

So I wrote to my affiliate manager in iMonetizeIt and asked for some good tier 2 and tier 3 GEOs. He offered me to try LATAM GEO – Mexico. Mexico was good choice because traffic there is still cheap, there is a lot of volumes and you can optimize easy.

Because I was with tight budget iMonetizeIt personally for me was perfect because they pay when you reach $80, so my problems with the cashflow were solved.

I spied some competitors with the tool AdPeriscope, rip some landers with it and send them to a one guy named Nitin who is the owner of landersclub. The guys at landersclub cleaned and edit them very fast and professional, after that I translate them to Spanish, came up with a few good angles and I was ready for action.

I will show some screenshots from my best landing page:

I’m giving the user “opportunity” to choose what he wants to see – tits or pussies and when user choose he continues with the questions which are pretty standard ones – age, is he agree to keep the women’s privacy etc.

These are some of the creatives I used, nothing extraordinary here:

Last thing – the traffic source. I chose Trafficstars for my traffic source, because they have good inventory, helpful support and their minimum amount to fund your account is only $100 if you use Paxum or credit card.

About the traffic type – I chose display traffic, because I can pay on CPM base for it and if my creatives have good CTR, the CPC price will be very low, which is very important when you run offers with low payout (MX offers payout were $0.40)

I will show you my targeting options:

When I ran the campaign I split test single offers vs smartlinks and my landers vs smartlink’s prelanders. Single offers and my landers were better.

Unfortunately LosPollos don’t have single offers, but only smartlink, plus they can’t switch off their prelanders which is not good when you work with your own creatives, because very often user is confused, so after few conversions and few conversations with my AMs I send all my traffic to iMonetizeIt’s single offers and their smartlink.

It was time to start the campaign:

Actually it was profitable from the very beginning. You can see I was paying around $0.25 per conversions, which is very good. The CTR was very good too – around 1% first days before i cut the “bad” creatives and over 2% next days when I left only the images which performs better.

At this stage I made some optimizations on offer level too: I tested two offers in the same time plus iMonetizeIt and LosPollos smartlinks, but the smarlinks with their own prelanders performs bad for me, so my manager from iMonetizeIt made me smartlink without their prelanders where to send me fallback traffic and I cut LosPollos because they don’t have this option.

The two single offers performed good, but when i was kicked from the one, I sent all my traffic to the other and my AM raised the cap for me.

Around 15.08 I stopped my campaign because some personal problems and on 06.09 I started it again:

Then I ran two different campaigns in the traffic source because I want to test different images and some other stuff but as you can see there isn’t so big difference.

First 2-3 days I was on loss before cut the unnecessary images, but after that everything was ok.

After two more weeks I was kicked from the offer maybe because the quality of my leads dropped down, but I learned a lot.

Here are the stats form iMonetizeIt:)

I have some other conversion from their smartlink but they are around 15$ so no need to show them.

With two words I spent $625 and made around $900 which is positive 44 % ROI with almost efforts and some simple optimizations.

Some recommendations from me personally:

  1. Always split test offers even from the same network – in my case with iMonetizeItthe MX offers convert equal, but when I was kicked from the first one, I continued with the second one with no problem.

  2. Talk with your Affiliate Manager at least 3 times at week;

  3. Use the stats from you tracker and from the network and take your decisions based on these stats;

  4. Split test the creatives – you can use one landing page from the beginning, but its good to rotate the creatives because of banner blindess.

Final words: Affiliates need to be really fast with their work these days since one offer is hot today might not be hot tomorrow. So the good communication between all the people involved in the flow is very important, that’s why I want to say “Thank you” to my affiliate manager Alex from iMonetizeIt for his professionalism!

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