How and where you should use Nutra Smartlink from iMonetizeIt


Are you a beginner or an experienced affiliate in eCommerce? Then you know very well how difficult to work these days. There is a variety of affiliate programs, a variety of offers with similar names, more than 100 geos, constantly falling approve rate and low conversion.

Let’s have a closer look

  1. Affiliate networks. It’s no secret that now it’s not difficult to open your own affiliate network. You take offers from eCommerce manufacturers, set up an affiliate platform like cake, hasoffers, affise and start working. In this case, it is important to understand that key decisions should be made independently. In addition, it takes a lot of time to search for relevant information, which can be a big problem, especially if you are a beginner. While in reliable affiliate programs (for example, at iMonetizeit (; ) your personal manager always keeps in touch with you. So, you can also address all your questions, even the simplest ones. We are happy to help and teach you.
  2. GEO. Choosing the right geo, preparing creatives, translating promo is a big job and the key to success. But even a direct advertiser will recommend the geo where he has the least call centres. It is quite logical, most likely there will be higher approve rate, but not the fact that you will see the higher conversion and lower competition.
  3. The offer choice. It’s probably the most important part of our discussion. After all, it depends on the offer whether you will have a positive ROI. Here you need to either conduct a loooot of tests with the optimization of creatives, funnels or believe your manager, who, unfortunately, can not always give an answer.

So, returning to conversion. What do you think, what does it depend on in eCommerce? Many of you know that first of all it depends on choosing the right offer, but not many know that the cherished conversions and high approve rate directly depends on call centres at the moment you bring the user. If they call him/her immediately after ordering the goods, then approve will be higher. If in a day or two, then the user will most likely forget what he/she ordered or will not be so “warm” to order the product he/she saw a few days ago.

So what to do to work with TOP offers only? What to do to spend less money and time on regular tests; to keep the approve rate at a decent level all the time?

Welcome to iMonetizeIt Nutra Smartlink, where the most top offers and funnels are waiting for you, where you have no need to worry about caps and approve rates. Find the details in the next article;)

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