Let’s start summer with IVR Summer bonus!


You have a chance to get an excellent payout bonus working with iMonetizeIt IVR smartlink and offers. If you have already tested our new vertical, you definitely know it’s advantages. Now it’s the time to earn even more – get a 10% bonus from iMonetizeIt.

From June 1 to June 30, run traffic to the IVR vertical and get a 10% bonus on income from $1000. Both new and regular webmasters of iMonetizeIt can join this challenge.

To join the IVR summer bonus, don’t forget to tell your manager that you are in the game. Follow simple rules, and you’ll receive your bonus in July!

IVR income from $ 1,000 – $100 bonus
IVR income from $ 2,500 – $250 bonus
IVR income from $ 5,000 – $500 bonus
IVR income from $ 10,000 – $1,000 bonus, etc.


  1. IVR Summer bonus period June 1- June 30
  2.  iMonetizeIt partners who run on IVR smartlink can take part in the action
  3. The minimum amount of income from IVR vertical is $1000 give a chance to get bonus
  4.  Motivated and fraud traffic is prohibited
  5. Income from multiple accounts isn’t summarized
  6. The bonus will be credited after the end of the promo and ONLY for the income earned from Jun 1-Jun 30
  7. Income up to $5000 – the bonus will be credited for every $1000 of income. Income over $ 5,000 – the bonus will be credited for every $2,500 income
  8. Maximum bonus is $4500 for 1 partner

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