Sweepstakes challenge has been extended for one month


We appreciated the excellent results of our partners and decided to extend the challenge on Sweepstakes vertical until December 22!

The first 16 lucky partners have already got their bonuses for $20K and they will continue to take part in the race! Congratulations, keep it up!
Remember that you have a whole month to increase your income 😉

Take a chance and run traffic on Sweepstakes Smartlink or CPA offers, earn from $5000 and get a 10% bonus from your income for this period.

from 5000$ – $500 bonus
7500$ – $750 bonus
10 000$ – $1000 bonus
15 000$ – $1500 bonus
20 000$ – $2000$ bonus

The record bonus is now $1500, but maybe you are ready to beat it? Show us what you are capable of!

Good luck!

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