“Trick or Crypt” exclusive Halloween offers + win AirPods 2


On October 31st, we traditionally become this day carving some pumpkins and creating a fancy look. However Halloween had become something special for us just some time ago.

What is the origin of this holiday? What do americans spend 9 billion dollars on? How can you get new Apple AirPods 2? + must have list on Halloween

Some historical facts

This holiday has its roots in Ireland, but many people think that it was the idea of americans to celebrate All Saints’ Eve. Actually Halloween is the second commercial holiday in the USA, of course after Christmas, so today it’s truly common and popular.

Mad spending or passion for shopping?

Shopping addiction has reached of epic proportions, because only last year americans spent 9 000 000 000$ on sweets and costumes according to the statistics of NRF.

  • $2,5 billion they spend on holiday decor and crafts;
  • Average costs of american family is $86 on Halloween;
  • Annually americans buy 600 000 000 pounds of sweets;
  • First place in the ranking of the most popular sweets takes Snikers;
  • Among costumes children most often choose “Superhero”, adults – dress of witch and pets look nice in the costume of pumpkin.

Instead of traditional sweets, we’re launching a holiday competition with cool gifts and simple rules:

  • Get 5+ approved deposits on Crypto offers below and get +$100 bump!
  • Only the first 3 partners who have 10+ approved deposits will get super prize Airpods 2 as a gift additionally to the bump.

6692    WEB WAP           IT                 $480,00
6697    WEB WAP          CA                $560,00
6691    WEB WAP          ES                 $400,00
6698    WEB WAP     Multigeo         $480,00
6695    WEB WAP   DE, AT, CH         $480,00
6699    WEB WAP        MY                 $400,00
6696    WEB WAP         SG                 $480,00
6700    WEB WAP     MultigeoEU        $320,00

The proposition is available from October 24th to November the 12th.

To get fast approval please contact your AM and inform that you join “Trick or Crypt” special offers.

Hurry up and be the first who get bonus!

Good luck!

Must have list on Halloween

  • Pumpkin is a necessary attribute of any house or party, don’t be lazy to carve a frightening face or add it to some dish;
  • Buy more sweets in case a crowd of kids comes to your house with phrase “Trick or treat”;
  • Dress and makeup: it isn’t necessary to wear something terrible, choose any character from the movie and create a perfect image;
  • Holiday spirit (thematic books, films and music).

Conclusion: Halloween is a gold mine for businessmen selling sweets and fancy dress costumes. So we wish you to be creative, bake a pumpkin pie, make a colorful costume and throw a party that your friends will remember for a long time.

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