V-DAYting guide 2021


Valentine’s day is coming! That’s why we prepared for you something SPECIAL 🙂
Meet V-DAYting guide, there we’ll find the perfect match for your vertical, help with right traffic sources and pick up the best offer for your traffic!
Get ready…we’re starting!
P.S. Manual: 1st step – read information on picture, 2nd step – then description of traffic sources and 3rd step – ping your manager to create a new campaign!

Let’s find the perfect traffic source match:

Facebook is an excellent traffic source for Dating. There is a huge audience and wide targeting options. The campaign is scaled easily and customized tools for targeting can help you to get a large amount of leads. However this traffic source isn’t for green affiliates. Be ready to spend a pretty sum for campaigns and don’t forget –  FB bans Dating, so use cloak and stock up on accounts;)

UAC – this source allows you to get a conversion funnel because of easy campaign setup. Using a combination of dating/webview + UAC + Top GEO (tier 1) you can get a profit even from the first campaign (from the start)!

*Work carefully with text and creatives, choose standard settings in targeting to avoid the ban of Google and catch the attention of men 25+ age.

in-page push – is a great opportunity to give your push notifications a second wind! The new format allows you to increase traffic volume, also you can target on IOS devices. You’ll get a higher CTR and cost per click is cheaper than usual. One more advantage is that you can scale campaigns.

*Push is one-to-one communication with the user, so this source is perfect for vertical.


Let’s find the perfect traffic source match:

Native/Search – this source harmoniously integrates creatives into news sites. What works for native ads? Teaser, long stories about success, quizzes (Ex: These are happy owners of 3 new iPhones, how they did it?). Conversion on context and native is approximately the same, but targeting is less advanced in comparison with FB. Also cost per click is much cheaper, so let’s call it “top source for Sweeps”!

Facebook is one of the main sources for CC submit offers. The main interest for FB users is gift certificates and vouchers of well-known mass markets. You can get a narrow segment of audience, which adore discounts of any brand. *mix of pre-landing + questionnaires works best, you should just adapt it to the requirements of advertisers.

Push and Pops – one of the most common traffic sources, it’s good on mobile as well as on desktop. This source is perfect for SOI offers. By the way, pay attention to black/white lists and don’t forget about pre-landing!

Let’s find the perfect traffic source match:

PUSH notifications is one of the most available traffic sources, it doesn’t take much time and isn’t afraid of ban. If you want to get profit, it will be enough to make small analytics and optimization of campaigns. Push is quick to launch and easy to set up.  You will need about 2 hours to build a campaign from scratch and set up a postback.

Video Ads – this traffic source is good for VideoCam, performance funnel comes out very native. Firstly the user watches video ads and then ends up on video chats. It’s a perfect way to achieve a result.

Let’s find the perfect traffic source match:

App (traffic from applications) is a perfect traffic source that provides full access to the socials for niched dating. How to work with applications? One of the proven approaches: active accounts + links in bio + bright creatives and a lot of constant full-time work in the application.

Native – take sources with ‘special’ format (you perfectly know) and place where you can target the necessary audience. You can also include classic banner ads and push notifications.

Advertising networks are a classic story, where you can get “niched” traffic. Usually ad networks have ample opportunities for setting up and optimization of ad campaigns. Smartlink is perfect for this niche, rather than offers.

Let’s find the perfect traffic source match:

Preroll (video ad) is an excellent but complicated  traffic source. It has a lot of great advantages in work: the audience will definitely watch this ad, good CTR, large amount of traffic, low competition and entry limit.

Native sources are very cool for Games vertical. Promos and landing pages should be attractive, but also conform to the policy of this traffic source.

Let’s find the perfect traffic source match:

Review sites – specialized sites with reviews is a quite good source. Usually there are 5-10 offers with describing of their functional, subject matter, etc. Such traffic source can have a great effect in Mainstream niche.

Native and banner ads  – Native ads are great for users, you can take any text, but focus on the picture. If you get a good result, convert can be compared with FB, but at the same time the price will be much lower.

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