What is Smartlink and how to work with it?


If you have not heard about Smartlink, you have obviously lost a lot. Considering the fact that iMonetizeIt is the leader among smartlinks (yes, a little bit immodestly, but honestly), we decided to make a month guide on smartlinks specifically for our affiliates. Follow our articles, there are many interesting things ahead 🙂

We all know that in order to work successfully, you have to go the hard way. This includes the domain/ host purchasing, preland creating as well as “three whales” of successful affiliate marketing (tests, tests, and again tests). That’s where Smartlink comes to help us as the evolution of standard software development.

What is the advantage Smartlink over conventional CPA networks, you wonder. And here are some reasons:

  1. The whole infrastructure is already built. Servers and CDN are configured so that the user will open a picture loaded in his country/location. Such an approach maximally increases the speed of redirecting and creative displaying. That is highly important because the download speed is your conversion and your money.
  2. Prelands. We all know that prelands give greater profit. You need to warm up the user before showing him the landing page with the registration form. So, our team has already prepared a lot of prelands, translated into most languages ​​of the world and optimized for any device.
  3. But what about a funnel, you ask? In iMonetizeIt, all preland-offer funnels have already been tested and the algorithm selects the best one, basing on your traffic working off.
  4. Offers, caps, tests, optimizations, penalty charges – you can get it out of your head. We already have 6000+ tested offers in the platform, including in-house ones, WL and exclusive offers. We guarantee that your user will always see the most converting offer and you will not be charged conversions for poor performance.

Just a couple of “goodies” from smartlinks on iMonetizeIt:

You can forget about reliable advertiser searching. We already have the database to share. In addition, you are no longer required to provide minimum quantities and quality. Leave these problems to us 🙂

iMonetizeIt offers detailed statistics. In our affiliate network, you can see the layout by verticals, countries, traffic type, connection type, carrier and OS (see the screen from the admin below). The Smartlink Conversions section displays all your conversions and payments on them. How often do you guess by the stars what country works out better? Stop looking at average results. We are as open as possible and are working to increase your income. Only with iMonetizeit, you can see the most open and detailed statistics.

We pay more often! Most direct advertisers pay once a month, we are ready to pay every week, accelerating the turnover of your money, we allow you to earn more.

Only advanced methods are about iMonetizeIt. Surely, you have already heard that someone earns more by using scripts for additional monetization (backbatton, enter and exit pop-up, etc.), collects a base for push mailout, etc. Still wondering how to do this? We are aware of all updates and have ALREADY written everything for you. Keep calm and get your money 🙂

We provide 24/7 support. Our managers do not sleep at night, stock up with caffeine and are waiting for your message. Not sure where to find the right information? The manager knows;)

In addition, you can make money on your friends literally, because our affiliate program offers as much as 5% with the referral program. Bring friends and earn from the referral profits.

And of course, we should note our Loyalty Program, operating on an ongoing basis and bringing valuable gifts to each partner!

As you can see, smartlink makes work as easy as possible and increases revenue. It only remains to try;)

Well, if we have not convinced you, you can always choose any offer on the platform and work on it directly. At the same time, our managers can always suggest which offers are in TOP right here and right now and what creatives they work better with.

Let’s get conversions with iMonetizeIt!

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    1. iMonetizeIt Team

      Hello, you can read our month guide and get acquainted with smartlinks and how to work with it.

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