How to get maximum profit with Mainstream dating?


Dating is one of the most popular verticals in affiliate marketing with wide audience and highest CR. Demand on dating traffic is stable and always shows great results.

What is Mainstream dating?

Mainstream dating is nisch where people looking for long-term relationships. Mainstream dating website usually gather people by common interests and ideas for life. Payment models used in this verticals – SOI and DOI.

Main features of mainstream dating:

  • Target audience: mainly men. Women usually get free access to the dating website while men should pay for opportunity to use services.
  • Vertical works good on any Geo and age groups of target audience
  • All traffic sources are allowed, except fraud and motivation.

Traffic sources

Adult traffic is prohibited in mainstream dating, so affiliate who runs adult on mainstream offer will be banned immediately. However, if you find reliable source of quality traffic your profit will increase significantly because of higher payouts. The best traffic sources are social networks, banner ads and push-notifications.


Tier-1 countries the best choice for mainstream. For example, USA investing mainstream dating more than any other countries in the world. Canada, UK and Australia – the next after US with high CR.


According to B2B international quiz in 2017 among 21081 respondents at age 16-40 from 32 countries, typical users of dating app are 33 age (43% of all users), use mobile app for communication. 55% male and 25% – female

Average age of users of dating apps


Highlights in working with mainstream dating:

  1. Pay attention to the quality of leads, not quantity
  2. Visual part of campaign is very important, attractive creatives will help you to get audience
  3. Tier 2 and tier 3 countries are better for beginners. Recommendation: Latin America, Asia and Africa are good for testing.

The list of the most popular dating apps in the world:

Why should you choose Mainstream dating?

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  • The best traffic sources for mainstream dating.

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