What traffic works for GEO France?


Bonjour…Au revoir…Mon amour…we can continue to expand this list with dozens of beautiful expressions, but we will never accumulate a fortune if we don’t discover it from the inside out. What works on GEO France and where are the most profitable offers hidden? Well, Salut, the motherland of love and romance!

Let’s start with the audience

In total, as of August 2019, the population of France numbered over 67.5 million people, with 51.3% men and 48.7% women.

France consists of 85% original residents, so we can safely say that this is an ethnically homogeneous country. When designing landing pages or creatives, you need to take into account the linguistic peculiarities and use only their native language. The French people are not huge fans of English (thanks to the public spirit and love for the country, we’ll talk more about it below). Among foreign languages, they commonly speak German 7%, Arabic 5%, Portuguese 2%, Spanish, Italian, and their dialects.

In terms of touristic indicators for 2018, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), France was on top of the most visited countries in the world with a high rate of 93.2 million tourists. The second prize was taken by Spain (82.8 million), and the third prize was awarded to the United States (82, 2 million).

What makes French people unique?

  • Patriotism is the first thing that distinguishes the French from other nations. Imbibed love for the country with their mothers’ milk affects everyday things: car choice, foodstuffs, and even a foreign language. Everyone who was in France knows that if you ask the question in English, they will answer you in French just out of principle, even if they get it. Therefore, when filling the landing page, take the trouble to use Google translator;
  • Free morals. This factor concerns only a bachelor life, with which the French are reluctant to part for a long time. First, everyone acquires higher education. Then, they move up the career ladder while the love life is left in the background. In order to brighten up their loneliness, the French actively use social media networks and regularly visit porn sites, which is confirmed by statistics:
  • Frenchwomen. Actually, all the stereotypes about girls are true — they are really the harmonious embodiment of flirting and elegance. All men relish the opportunity to court the ladies: to compliment or open the door for them. French women always reciprocate such courtesies. As for appearance, they have delicate features and chestnut-colored hair. Usually, they are thin by nature. Therefore, when choosing creatives, make an emphasis on the attractiveness of French women.


  1. Click-through rate
    When choosing the type of traffic for this GEO, you can safely target both, the desktop and mobile, the discrepancy is small.
  2. Dating Preferences
    Among the well-known dating sites, the French primarily prefer Tinder just like the whole of Northern Europe.

    Reference: BBC News

    The main TA of Tinder: 18-35 years old

    Local dating sites
    Online dating is presently the main way to get acquainted in France. We have explored all local sites and highlighted the most popular:
    — is undoubtedly the number one dating site in France.
    TA: all age groups
    Specific feature: It offers users to view profiles and make their choice. There is also a feature to match with a potential Mr/Miss Right abroad and attend exciting events together (workshop, dance lessons).

    Happn — something new among other dating sites.
    TA: 17+
    Specific feature: the application analyzes the daily routes of users and shows profiles of only those members, with whom their paths crossed.

    eDarling — runs on algorithms that select a partner according to the personality test.
    TA: 30-40 years old
    Specific feature: there are 2 matches offered every day, and users can ask each other 5 questions.

  3. Porn Site Visits
    Did you know that French are the most sexually active people across the globe? They are the top 5 in the world in visiting porn sites!
    According to statistics, every Frenchman starts the working week with watching porn. That is why Monday is considered the most visited day of the week, and Saturday is the least active.

    The top of the search inquiries are Frenchwomen, which is not surprising for such a patriotic nation. They walk the line to their ladies even here!

    The target audience of porn sites is very close to the dating sites again, the men aged 18-40 years are in the majority. The average site visit of Frenchmen takes about 9 minutes.

    Now let’s turn to the offers’ selection

    To date, iMonetizeIt offers the top 2 mainstream niches for this GEO: dating, sweeps.
    7311 WEB WAP Samsung S20 *FB Pixel* – CC submit – Sweepstakes
    Payout: $32,00

    6733 WEB+WAP LovinYoo SOI – Dating
    Payout: €2,40

    Why are these niches so popular in GEO France?

    In France, lotteries became very popular after they were introduced by King Francis I in the 16th century. What’s there to say? The thrill of the competition in the French DNA.
    Even during the crisis, the French easily fall for the lottery (according to the study carried out in 2009), so feel free to write eye-catching text and trap all freebie’ lovers.

    Despite the conservative views, online dating services are already firmly placed on the list of popular resources of the country. Therefore, anyone who wants to try this GEO should not be afraid to choose dating offers. There is the place to accelerate!

    In this sector, France has the jump on its European neighbors, since a new payment system of accepting Bitcoin will be launched by 2020. More than 25 thousand stores and outlets (for example, Sephora, Decathlon, etc.) will start accepting Bitcoins for payment.
    What is more, the French took care for both earnings and its combination with comfort, and even created a heater that mined cryptocurrencies.

    The crypto offers will be relevant for a long time here, because commerce is interested in using them.


    The French are a very romantic and gambling nation, so arm yourself with our tips and convert!
    On this GEO you can get a good profit, the key is not to be lazy to test and optimize.


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