And what else works with dating traffic?


In addition to the top verticals we mentioned above (dating + nutra), there is one more direction for that traffic, extremely profitable and promising, if you know how to work with it correctly. We are talking about cams.

If earlier cams vertical was focused on the model where. the task of affiliates was to find a user who was willing to sit on the site for hours and spend money there, but today the situation has changed somewhat. Many are already ready to work on the already familiar to all SOI / DOI as well as at the dating.

Why you should try cams on iMonetizeIt?

Our team, having a large and successful experience with dating traffic, has prepared the best solution on the market for the monetization of such traffic.

Rate the benefits of working with our affiliate program:

  • the best offers with SOI/DOI model payment
  • all geo cover
  • an automatic algorithm that will select the offer with the highest conversion for your traffic
  • high rates and individual terms of business

In addition, the platform has a permanent loyalty program, which makes it possible to enjoy not only high and frequent payments but also wonderful gifts from smart watches to an unforgettable Maldives journey 🙂

As you can see, the advantages of working with our platform are quite significant. Hurry up to get your jackpot on cams with iMonetizeIt!

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  1. Masud

    It’s a great idea but I don’t have cams smartlink! I need the cams smartlink