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The person who stands behind an offer and shares peachy exclusives offer with publishers, and an advertiser’s number one buddy. Today, we’ll talk to Advertiser Manager Team one of the favorite team of our TOP partners.The most productive conferences, secrets of beneficial relationships with partners and far more you can find in a Great Interview in iMonetizeIt Blog:

1. Hello! Have you ever been interviewed?

Hello! We have such experience, indeed

2. Tell us how did you make your way into this sphere? Was an affiliate marketing new for all team members?

Many of us joined the team right after graduation of the the university. Hence, 95% of information was brand new. First, one can find himself standing agape, but then, the pieces of the puzzle fall into right place and you think that you have been doing this all your life, and it’s not a rocket science at all.
Others developed along with the advent of CPI marketing, when the sphere did not provide such an extensive set of tools to market players. We focused on manual work and hours-long correspondence with the technical teams of tracking systems.
In fact, it was a challenging development path along with the main market trends. It was awesome to be a part of team who was creating actively growing project on the affiliate market!

3. What Top 5 skills an experienced Ad Manager should have? Is the communication only essential?

Communication is a basic requirement for an Ad Manager. First of all, an experienced Ad is advertiser’s friend and an adviser for the publisher. Psychological insight, the right personalized approach to people are also important. It very often happens that business communication with a manager fades to friendly and informal: topics that do not apply to work appear, that is, friendly communication is already being built.
Therefore, the flexibility of communication and behavior is also a good skill.

Proficiency and understanding of technical issues – it’s impossible to carry out integration without these points. I can add analytical skills to this list – understanding the market, verticals, competitors – you always need to keep up with the latest events in order to be level with the rest, and to outrun. It is always critical to evaluate what is front and center, future expectations and “archeological” relics)

This is weird, but Compliance with the pressures)) Ad manager’s life consists of billions of requests per second from different departments, teams, partners – it’s vitally important being up to dip your toes into each situation, to keep a stiff after lip and quickly concentrate on tasks.
We should consider a good memory as well: remember all partners, not confuse the names of children and pets, timely send birthday wishes 🙂

4. What about the workflow? What checklist needs to be done daily?

It all depends … this work, however, can be very diverse, you never know what to expect for the next 15 minutes, and how you will grapple with it later) Therefore, setting the right priority for tasks is crucial.
Here you are the top 5 must-do tasks, the rest, so to speak, is attached))
1. Look through all urgent optimization requests from partners. Why? Other teams have limited processing time.
2. See if there are any drawbacks.
3. Sales issues, competitors research, payout bumps, etc.
4. Search for new offers and advertisers.
5. Naturally, there is always something that needs to be completed, rearranged and improved, as in any business field.

5. Do your tasks have deadlines?

Naturally, most of them do! We respect deadlines and set them ourselves 🙂
For instance, you manage to fulfill everything before the end of the day))

6. In 2019, the iMonetizeIt team attended more than 8 international conferences, how do you feel about trips and new acquaintances? Which was the most productive and memorable?

We like conferences! Perhaps, conferences are the easiest and fastest way to make new beneficial contacts in our field and quickly reach to some kind of decision / growth with current partners.
This is a great opportunity to have up-close and personal communication, to express your interest and to figure out who are people in real life.

After all, 10 minutes of personal communication can bring greater results than half a year of correspondence)))
All conferences were helpful, each was best remembered for both business arrangements, and personal experience and impressions. AWA, AWE, TES, MAC are the key ones on which the main market players always meet in order to discuss business and current issues. AWA is likely to be grand-scale, as advertisers from Europe and Asia gather here.

7.How do you get new contacts, find customers and get an advantageous partnership with ads? Kindly, share confidence!

Every team member has his own tools and methods, it’s like a case that you fill, first you hone your skills and then use them. In the digital age, social media is its integral part, and the easiest and most effective way to find connection.) It is vitally important to remember that a partner is a person first, having private life and interests. Cooperation flows well if you are friends with your partner. Learn as much as possible: favorite dish, drink, parental status, etc (it may sound grotesque but later it will simplify the gifts issues))

Conferences matter. There, a personal acquaintance with the managers of other advertisers take place. Such contacts are most effective, and after a while they have more chances to escalate into a strong partnership.
Social networks are no worse than personal communication. But still, social networks don’t provide lively communication and more time is needed to establish a warmer relationship.

It’s crucial to gain the advertiser’s trust in terms of the product, which is traffic. It’s no secret that being the TOP and working with large advertisers, a lot of opportunities are opened up, such as entering the clubbish set, getting to know competitors, etc.

And the strongest partnership is established only within long-term cooperation, considering the fuckups and their solution.)

8. Does close rapport matter?

As in any human relationship, it is important to reach mutual understanding with ad. Mutually beneficial cooperation impossible without this factor. Advertisers can have different goals, needs, priorities, and here you need to determine this correctly and provide what they need.

Remember, if you are on the same wavelength with partners, then productivity will not be long in coming.))

9.How often do feel like being in a bind, when situation requires special treatment while working with partners?

Quite often 🙂 The situations can completely differ, for example: somewhere you need a special integration setting; some issues require to technically “fix” the functions; or you need urgent help from a designer. Each partner is individual and this must be considered when working with him.

Luckily, everything goes without force majeure!

10. Are there people of moods among partners?

The whims pay attention on the lack of understanding with partners.
We closely work together and often accommodate each other, therefore no whims. Equanimity and a little flexibility in communication is a fine line when tapping in the adverts environment.

11. By what criteria do you take an offer from an ad?

Our advice is to test, you never know for sure what will work until you test it.
Normally, it all depends on:
● relevance,
● vertical;
● GEO;
● payout;
● offer flow.

If something from above mentioned does not fit, then you can always talk and agree on the conditions that suit both better.

12. What season is the hottest considering tremendous offers? Do you experience slow burns?

Advertisers not really experience slow burns. It all depends on either the advertiser or the event (holidays, conferences). Otherwise, each advertiser is working tirelessly on new products for a whole year.

13. Why is it profitable to take an offer in Affiliate Network? After all, one can directly get in touch with the advertiser.

What for? We have already sealed the deal:)

With Affiliate Network, you primarily save time, get some guarantees, and of course, due attention to the developing affiliate! Since it is important for everyone to get a certain share of tips and advice, for example, on offers, prelands, new products and various verticals.

Secondly, it is a way more profitable, because our payments are higher than defaulting from scratch. Well, with exclusives in mind 🙂

14. What makes your department different from others?

Matriarchy prevails, unlike the other teams 🙂

Talking seriously, we all joint efforts on the result. We know the product and the advertisers, we know the approaches and cases “how to develop offers”. These are all our skills and our propulsive force.

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