Top verticals of 2020


You can believe the forecasts of experienced affiliates but statistics are difficult to deceive! How to gather wealth and steadily reach profitability? iMonetizeIt Team predicted vertical trends for 2020.

Evergreen Dating keeps ahead of the global games of all time.

Let all keep writing that the crowning glory of dating dead and gone, but we definitely claim that this vertical will push this world forward. Most of the population is looking for the best and easiest ways to build a relationship, so any dating will be in a full swing (which means there will be a lot of traffic). The only difference is how to run on traffic: use an offer or pick Smartlink. It all depends on your experience and ability to analyze campaigns and accurately test. Our managers are always in touch to help and guide in this vertical.

+ Dating smartlink. Appropriate for newbies, as they can focus on tests and campaign analysis without spending time on optimization;
+ There is a vast range of offers, but they require a way more efforts, experience and time. Traffic sources are messengers, push notifications, purchase from tubes (banner, PopUnder);
+ Dating campaigns rapidly result, so they are easier to analyze and optimize.

As always, we have a lot of attractive and exclusive dating offers, so come round!

Is Gambling an online game or addiction?

The gambling industry continues to advance dynamically and successfully gains its momentum. Betting on sports, poker, casino games, VR to vanish in a sheer casino atmosphere – a myriad of ways to increase free ride gaming thrill among users and create excellent conditions for the game, considering partners, for sure (p.s. high commissions). Gambling boasts one of the highest payouts, so in 2020 it is worth paying attention to this niche.

Why is it worth being involved in gambling?
+ a huge selection of games: online platforms gather dozens and hundreds of games on various topics;
+ rewards programs, registration bonuses which attract new users;
+ casinos are banned in many countries, so users choose the online version.

Pic: Global Gambling Income (billions of euros)



Health and beauty products will always be coveted as much as a cherry on a pie, especially when this entry’s “real reviews” can remove or hide any downsides. Adult Nutra, covering potency problems and manhood size, haunts almost the entire men TA. Therefore, we can safely distinguish Nutra as one of the most profitable verticals, primarily in tier 1 countries.

+ the target audience is literally everywhere;
+ high demand for goods and the constant need for their use (long-running popularity of a niche);
+ stable offers – diet pills, anti-aging creams, and potency remedies.

Online shopping is a huge vertical embracing all kinds of goods, services, online content, financial offers, etc.

Why is commodity-market worthwhile?
+ any product or service is paid immediately
+ confidence in the service’s quality you are advertising (all products are certified);
+ offers of such giants as Amazon, AliExpress, eBay.

Sweepstakes (Is the only free cheese in the mousetrap?)

“Registration super bonus” and you are the owner of a new SUV just like your neighbor’s, advertisers will do whatever possible for attention riveting. Moreover, every second lead does not mind exchanging their data for a precious gift, it’s FREE!

+ an organized and well-designed pre-land will be of thumping success;
+ an open user database;
+ unconscious clicks.

Info business

Workshops, courses – self-education and personal development has been claiming momentum for several years among young and middle-aged people. The interest in this niche is enhanced by guarantees for admission, top-paying job, improvement of your profit twofold!

+ plenty of offers, many lucrative options to attract traffic;
+ refers to white verticals.

On a final note

All verticals ensure profit, you only need to focus on the offer and constantly monitor all changes in the campaign.
Unleash a range of advantages of the iMonetizeIt affiliate program features:
1. consult with the manager when choosing a vertical and an offer. Our experts will always help and advise on campaign settings.
2. follow the development of your traffic, test bundles using our free tracker.

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